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Neuse-Pamlico Sound Women's Coalition, Inc.

Neuse-Pamlico Sound Women's Coalition is proud to announce that we have received grants to continue the mission of the organization. We would like to thank our grantors for their support and being a part of impacting the communities that we serve. 

Grant Spotlight

NPSWC  received a $20,000 grant to address "Diversity and Inclusion" from the Nutrien Foundation.

The money received will be utilized as follows:


1) To address the needs of African American  who need help with
resources to attend college and who have experienced some documented
2) Bring more attention to the disparities in health care that exist in our
community that have been brought to light by the pandemic
3) Bring attention and funding to individuals and families with Sickle Cell
disease in our communities
4) Community awareness of chronic illnesses through education

We Need Your Support Today!

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